Mini Horse Therapy

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Mini Horse Therapy

We save horses from slaughter from all over the 

country, ship them here, fatten them up with lots of love and kisses and then train them to become therapy horses throughout the San Diego County Hospitals.  We would be glad to make an appointment for you to come and meet some of the fabulous Therapy horses ready to go to their new home. Schooling available for the novice that's wants to get into the Therapy Horse 619-735-8872 for more info.

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Therapy Certification

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Interested in becoming a Therapy Horse Trainer or owner? This is the place. We find  unwanted throw away horses  and we transform them into spectacular therapy horses for Alzhiemers Units, Child Care Centers, Special Needs...etc...these creatures are made in Heaven and we experience miracles everyday. Come join us.

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Saving Animals

We hear of all kinds of animals that are in bad situations and we try to help rehome them. So if you are just looking for a pet,  therapy trained mini,  or a child friendly riding horse, large or small, we can help. 

Bite free, kick fee and always sweet as can be. Training done with love and patients.

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Book a mini therapy horse today for your event. They love parties!

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