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A must read before you buy…

 She’s the GO TO for  HEALTHY  Mini  horses! 

NOT a “back room, sell ‘em too soon before they’re even weaned!” 

MANY   do  this  so the  buyer  will  be  fooled

thinking they  will stay tiny, but  they  won’t !

  Which leads to some of the Babys  DYING  because they were separated too soon from their mom!

Or they end up in neglected situations because they are not small like the buyer wanted.

From a two time buyer/client Susan Chapman! 💕. 


Our Certification is the  most advanced

in the nation for Therapy/ES/Mobility & Service

Therapy Certification from Faithful Friends 

lasts the life of the horse. 

We do not sell baby’s under 1 year old 

Mental maturity is very important to maintain  

confidence in the youngster.

Think twice if a breeder/trainer will sell a baby under 12 months.

Compare & check out our customer review page!

Phone numbers readily available from our clients of

Vets, Therapists, Hospice and more.

 We strive to give you the happiest and most talented miniature horses in the country.

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery and

 we are constantly flattered by other Therapy ranches trying to keep up with us._

“In a world of pebbles dare to be a diamond!”



Our training and Certification for Therapy Equine is the toughest in USA

And our prices are the most reasonable in the nation.

Compare  for yourself. 

Imitated but never duplicated , our minis are trained with the one and only Faithful Friends Training method here at our training center dedicated to therapy, ES, mobility and services minis. 

All of our therapy certified miniature horses are hand picked 

from thousands of horses across the nation even expanding into Europe.

Our goal is to make sure the true spirit of helping humans is in their blood. 

Our words may be duplicated on other sites but never our horses.

 From dozens of AWARD WINNING breeding farms with WORLD CHAMPION LINEAGE 

and sometimes from kill pens, we will always make this step one of the most diligent in the process

 of creating the best of the best .


It takes more time and money to search for the greatest blood lines from around the world that create the best in health, intelligence  and beauty than breeding our own with such a limited  herd.

Financing available for Certified Miniature Therapy Horses

We are the leading Therapy Certified Miniature Horse Training and Sales Center in  The  Nation  

 As  Seen  on  Fox  News.

A little on potty training.

 Training a horse NOT TO GO POTTY when they need to can cause colic. 

When going to the hospitals our Therapy horses know to go 

before and after the visit.

 Potty Pants will allow them to go potty if they must 

and it will keep YOU AND THE HORSE more relaxed and stress free 

in the facilities when working . 

Potty pants (bag) sits under their tail and goes unnoticed. 

Check out link to better understand how potty training works.


go to FOR SALE page to see

 Certified Mini Therapy Horses available for sale


Start your own Therapy Business today.   We can help.   Ask us how.

We do not try to sell the most horses but we do try to sell the BEST!

 Faith and her husband Adam 

have been interviewed on 

#FOX News

Featured on A National TV show

#The American Dream Television Show

( two episodes)

World Pet Games FOX Network.

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The Dodo


New York Times

Metro UK

USA Today 

San Diego Union Tribune

AARP Magazine 

Japanese TV

Women’s World Magazine

With extensive interviews in Italy/Germany/Ukrainian/UK

New Zealand/Australia

India/Dubai and more

along with the 

TV Show Pet Patrol. 

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42 million likes

They must be doing something right.

Their reputation is 5 Star.


Your journey is ours every step of the way, years down the road. 

Need your mini to stay longer at Faithful Friends while you build that barn?

 Not a problem.


Where  Satisfaction is guaranteed. 


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Miniature Horses for sale


I’m sure we can help you find what you are looking for.



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We  are  so  proud  of our babies. 

Call me today to make an appointment to come and visit.

❤️Be careful though, you will surely fall in love❤️



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This  is  a  

‘House Horse!’

We  coined  the  Phrase  or  should  I  say  invented  the


on social media at Faithful Minis

as  it  is  possible for your mini to live part time in your house.

There  are  of  course  many  rules  so  that  the  horse  stay  healthy  and  happy.

We have minis that work at the court house, schools, therapists  offices  and more.

And yes they can be house broken.

A very rewarding experience!



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Suzy  Q

 Suzy Q is a teeny tiny 27 in 

full grown 7.5 year old

 Pure Bred Falabella

100% pure Argentine lines

Color is an outstanding And Very rare  Grulla/Pinto/Appaloosa

They don’t make them like this too often!

Enquirer about this pint size beauty queen.

Very gentle, and once she trusts you, she will be your BFF for sure?



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Introducing  PRANCER


 This is the stuff dreams are made of!

This tiny gelding stands at 26.5 inches and steals the show wherever he goes. 

Piercing blue eyes with thick black eyeliner all the way around, PRANCER is stunning. 

Therapy Certified and ready to go.

Smart , gentle, loving and gorgeous. It doesn't get better than this



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 Introducing a chestnut filly with flaxen mane, from a blood line of world champ show horses.

Marmalade has a gentle spirit and loving curiosity. This tiny and petite girl has a small dishy head and is 

Sweet in every way. Her bite is off so no show or breeding for this girl. 

Just love and kisses.

Truly world class beauty and charm.



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Hostess Cupcake

Meet Cupcake, a sweet and obviously gorgeous little gal 

that gets all the attention where ever she goes. 

Demanding in nature to always be by your side and showered with love. This is one for the kids!

Oops, almost forgot. Deep blue eyes and jet black eyeliner.



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Hostess Cupcake loves everybody!

 Dogs, cats, horses and especially 




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Lemon Drop!

This little fella is a show stopper with his palomino coloring and his gorgeous blue eyes with black eyeliner!

Extremely gentle and curious. The best of the best! 

 Ready to go.


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Chocolate Sunday
The reason we call him Chocolate Sundae is because he’s so sweet and delicious. He follows you around like a puppy and wants to know what you’re doing every second of the day. Very unusual loving colt. Extra Smart, extra sweet, and extra gorgeous.
He’s so gorgeous that when the San Diego Union Tribune came by they picked him as their model, well why not look at that face. 
Ready to go!

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Good Morning Texas!

A Sweet and gentle soul. Very petite , will stay 

small at 27 inches aprox. He is 1 year and 2 months

This horse is a catch. 

Comes to you whenever he sees you. 

Don’t miss Out on Texas Toast


Lots more minis to offer…call Faith at 619-735-8872



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What are you doing in here?

Now don’t come over to this website again! 

And stop that cigar smoking, it’ll stunt your growth!



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Christmas has come and gone but 

Peabody will live for ever In our hearts💕



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 I'd love to do some therapy on you 

but it's pumpkin pie time. See you around!"

We do have horses not posted yet so please call Faith to enquirer!

Be the first to find these gems not public yet.

( new graduates posting Soon)


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We visit hospitals throughout the San Diego County

Call us and we will come and visit you!

 Faithful Friends Miniature Therapy Horses.