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Therapy  Horses



Minis grow til 2 yrs old + 

 Babies should wean at 5/6 months

Check references  

Some  Ranches 

Selling six month old babies as Therapy Certified 



Our Certification is the  most advanced

 And toughest in the nation for... 

Therapy , Mobility and Service Training.

Therapy Certification from Faithful Friends 

lasts the life of the horse. 

We have prices to fit all budgets.

Compare & check out our customer review page!

Phone numbers from client's are readily 

available for you.

My  Veterinarian bought 3 mini's within 2 years

from Faithful Friends. 

Dr Pearson encourages your call for her references concerning 

Faithful Friends 

She is the owner of a very large animal hospital here in 

Southern California. 

 We strive to give you the happiest and most talented miniature horses in the country.

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery and

 we are constantly flattered by other Therapy ranches trying to keep up with us.

“In a world of pebbles dare to be a diamond!”



Our training and Certification for Therapy Equine is the toughest in USA

And our prices are the most reasonable in the nation.

Compare  for yourself. 

Imitated but never duplicated , our minis are trained with the one and only Faithful Friends Training method here at our training center dedicated to therapy, ES, mobility and services minis. 

All of our therapy certified miniature horses are hand picked 

from thousands of horses across the nation even expanding into Europe.

Our goal is to make sure the true spirit of helping humans is in their blood. 

Our words may be duplicated on other sites but never our horses.

 From dozens of AWARD WINNING breeding farms with WORLD CHAMPION LINEAGE 

and sometimes from kill pens, we will always make this step one of the most diligent in the process

 of creating the best of the best .


It takes more time and money to search for the greatest blood lines from around the world that create the best in health, intelligence  and beauty than breeding our own with such a limited  herd.

Financing available for Certified Miniature Therapy Horses

We are the leading Therapy Certified Miniature Horse Training and Sales Center in  The  Nation  

 As  Seen  on  Fox  News.

A little on potty training.

 Training a horse NOT TO GO POTTY when they need to can cause colic. 

When going to the hospitals our Therapy horses know to go 

before and after the visit.

 Potty Pants will allow them to go potty if they must 

and it will keep YOU AND THE HORSE more relaxed and stress free 

in the facilities when working . 

Potty pants (bag) sits under their tail and goes unnoticed. 

Check out link to better understand how potty training works.



go to FOR SALE page to see

 Certified Mini Therapy Horses available for sale


Start your own Therapy Business today.   We can help.   Ask us how.

We do not try to sell the most horses but we do try to sell the BEST!

 Faith and her husband Adam 

have been interviewed on 

#FOX News

#The American Dream Television Show

( two episodes)

#HGTV will also be filming two episodes, along with the 

#TV Show Pet Patrol completed in 2020

Their reputation is 5 Star.

Dozens of references from Wonderful buyers on the 


From California to Florida 

Washington to Hawaii and 

everywhere in between.

A 20% non refundable deposit Takes your horse off the market. We will work with you to make the experience seamless. 

Need your mini to stay longer at Faithful Friends while you build that barn?

 Not a problem.


Where  Satisfaction is guaranteed. 


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Meet Striker, this handsome tiny little 
 ( just gelded) horse is without a doubt one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. With striking blue eyes and white eyelashes and thick neck, this little fella is a heartbreaker. He’s in training to graduate soon and will become a Therapy certified star! He is 28 inches

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This is Bella, we call her Isabella. She was in training, and now she is ​pregnant so we are waiting for after baby is born to continue her training. 
We shall keep you posted!
​​Looks like the baby is due in April!​

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For Sale


Double registered Pinto Appaloosa with ice blue eyes.

They don't come more beautiful than this fella. A rare double registered Pinto Appaloosa with dreamy ice blue eyes and black eye liner. Registered with the AMHA as Ricky Ricardo, but we call him 'Picasso'

Picasso is so beautiful he takes your breath away every time you look his way. He's just a down to earth guy​ that thinks he's a chihuahua. He just loves people and follows you every where you go. He doesn't have much interest in anything but being with people and 

hanging out. He stands at 32' and is gelded. He is 4 years old so he is at his height. Picasso jumps right into my Honda Element and away we go to the hospitals, shopping or even to home depo. Truly a horse you can go anywhere with. So easy to keep him happy. Therapy Certified and ready to work



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‘Boy they just hire anyone here now a days!‘

 Said a gentleman that walked by us at HomeDepot...lol ...

Picasso of corse was good as gold and a big hit.


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Meet Valentina!

A registered champ!

She came to me in foal and we are waiting patiently!

She is gentle and absolutely gorgeous.

Call if interested in both Momma and baby ...


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Suzy  Q

 Suzy Q is a teeny tiny 27 in 

full grown 7 year old

 Pure Bred Falabella

100% pure Argentine lines

Color is an outstanding And Very rare  Grulla/Pinto/Appaloosa

They don’t make them like this too often!

Enquirer about this pint size beauty queen.

Very gentle, and once she trusts you, she will be your BFF for sure?

A few more weeks and this tiny little mare will be graduating. 

Call to Chat as she can be sold as a pet also.




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SUSIE Q, we love you!


JUST SOLD to Linda in Rancho Santa Fe

A Red Chestnut Falabella with 100% Pure Argentine Lines

Born 06/02/2017 and stands 30 inches Full grown

Dreamer is a Beautiful Dreamer.

She is a real love bug!

Call to enquire for more pics and videos.



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What are you doing in here?

Now don’t come over to this website again! 

And stop that cigar smoking, it’ll stunt your growth!



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Panda Bear

This teeny-tiny 28 inch mare is absolutely stunning! She is 4 years old and as cute as a button. 

Loves people and full of sass!

Gentle and loving, Panda is registered and Therapy Certification has been granted.

Call to enquire.

Graduated and loves loves loves children.

This is the mini if you want to work with kids!

Just doesn't play nice with other horses. 

Oh boy, well she is the one mini who could live alone. 


Please Feel free to call with any questions you may have: 619-735-8872 and ask for Faith

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A teenie weenie 25 inch 3 year old full grown pinto mare 

headed for graduation in January 2021

Stella has a spicy little personality that is curious about everybody.

Very sweet and loves children.

Wow is she small with no dwarfism at all. Just tiny!

Call me to chat about STELLA!

Please Feel free to call with any questions you may have: 619-735-8872 and ask for Faith

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Just Sold to Laura in Norco Calif.

A strikingly gorgeous gelding in every way!

He is one of the most gentle and loving minis I have ever 

had the honor to train!

I can’t keep them all but if I could Ecco would not be going 

anywhere, kind of like all of them! 😥

This little 29 inch 4 year old horse will bring decades of love?

Please Feel free to call with any questions you may have: 619-735-8872 and ask for Faith

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"Thanks for visiting.

 I'd love to do some therapy on you 

but it's pumpkin pie time. See you around!"

We do have horses not posted yet so please call Faith to enquirer!

Be the first to find these gems not public yet.

( new graduates posting Soon)


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We visit hospitals throughout the San Diego County

Call us and we will come and visit you!

 Faithful Friends Miniature Therapy Horses. 

Call Faith to talk about animal certification 


Call me at 619 735 8872 or text your inquiries.

Thank you.