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Our training and Certification for Therapy Equine is the toughest in USA

And our prices are the most reasonable in the nation.

Compare  for yourself. 

Imitated but never duplicated , our minis are trained with the one and only Faithful Friends Training method here at our training center dedicated to therapy, ES, mobility and services minis. 

All of our therapy certified miniature horses are hand picked 

from thousands of horses across the nation even expanding into Europe.

Our goal is to make sure the true spirit of helping humans is in their blood. 

Our words may be duplicated on other sites but never our horses.

 From dozens of AWARD WINNING breeding farms with WORLD CHAMPION LINEAGE 

and sometimes from kill pens, we will always make this step one of the most diligent in the process

 of creating the best of the best .


It takes more time and money to search for the greatest blood lines from around the world that create the best in health, intelligence  and beauty than breeding our own with such a limited  herd.

Financing available for Certified Miniature Therapy Horses

We are the leading Therapy Certified Miniature Horse Training and Sales Center in  The  Nation  

 As  Seen  on  Fox  News.

We do not try to sell the most horses but we do try to sell the BEST!

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Start your own Therapy Business today.   We can help.   Ask us how.

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This is Baby Sky. A  3 yr  old  mini  Therapy  Horse. 

An offer of $20,000 came in for her but she is not for sale.

Baby Sky is said to be the Greatest Therapy Horse in the Nation 

She possess a quality of intuition 

for the patience she visits. 

Always going to the one that needs and wants her the most!

This is the same quality we recognize and nurture in our miniature therapy horses.

We have been recognized globally and have many requests for TV interviews. 

We beleive that our horses are the greatest in the nation due 

to health, gentleness,  beauty and most importantly, feedback from all of the buyers.

Our training and Certification for Therapy Equine is the toughest in USA

And our prices are the most reasonable in the nation. 

Compare  for  yourself. 

Read our customer review page. Year after year our clients are thrilled with their Miniature Therapy Horses and many come back to purchase another.

We will walk you through the process of owning and working with your Therapy mini year after year. Our relationships do not end once you leave the Ranch with your new Therapy Partner. I stay in touch with all of our clients. This is the  only way to do business. If you love what you do and you want to continue doing it, be real and be present for your clients year after year.

Certified Miniature Horses For Sale Below


This is their true story

Once Upon a time In San Diego, there lived a lovely lady named Mary. 

When she turned 82 she was put into a senior care facility by her adult children. They brought over a couple of pieces of furniture from Mary’s home and dropped her off.  She never saw them again. Mary stop talking the moment she entered the facility and never spoke again word for two years!   

Her children never came to visit her and there was no phone call on her birthday or Christmas.  Mary’s heart was broken in half.

 One day a little miniature Therapy Horse named Baby Sky was doing the rounds on the second floor where Mary lived and saw Mary sitting in a chair with her head hanging down. Baby Sky walked over to Mary picking her out of a line of people. The little horse walked up to her, looked at her for a minute and then laid her head upon Mary‘s lap. Mary lifted her head slowly, opened her eyes and looked straight into the big brown eyes of a little horse. Mary suddenly sat up straight and placed her hands on either side of the little horses face and raised it to meet her own. What happened next was like a miracle! 

Mary broke out into song. Her voice was pure and beautiful. She sang the song Amazing Grace and during that time that little horse never took her eyes from Mary’s. There was no handler, no lead rope, just a little Therapy Horse that instinctually knew who needed her most. I was crying, the staff was crying, other residents were crying but Mary wasn't.

 Mary was smiling , and then she said to me ‘will you bring her to visit me again?’ 

Baby Sky returned to visit Mary and although Mary forgets some people, she never forgets Sky, and Mary always greets her with a hello Baby Sky, and a kiss on the cheek.

Mary has since passed on but she will always stay in our hearts along with so many other stories of Baby Sky and the miracles that happen when you only just believe!

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to view some of the most beautiful 

Mini Therapy horses in the nation. 

Selected and trained with a method from 

Faithful Friends.

 We feel we have found the magic dust!

Now let's sprinkle it around!

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Tesla is the Momma of Pistol

Tesla is 6 years old mare and stands at a very small 29'. She has some of the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. Tess is a very smart mare that really enjoys the company of humans. She is very level headed and trained to perfection.  She is also the BEST Mom! AMHR  registered and Therapy Certification leaves her with a  healthy price tag. And she is worth every penny. Tesla will not be ready to go until Pistol is fully weened in July 2019. Certainly worth the wait if you want a been there done that Therapy Trained mare that is stunning to look at. There are few that have all her talents along with a very beautiful face and personality! 


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 to Heidi who also bought Little Jimmy Two Shoes. 

 April 27/19

Winston Churchill

the smartest horse I've ever met

Winston is the most intelligent horse at the ranch. A double registered Pinto Tobiano gelding that is just over 2 years old. He stands at 32' and has a very refined babydoll face bred also for the Arabian head. He would turn his back on all his friends just to be with you. He is extraordinarily gentle and loving. Never a bite or even a nibble. We have been reluctant to sell him as a Therapy horse because our trainers feel he could easily go on to be a sight horse thus turning him into a full time Service Horse for the blind. We are letting fate takes it course with Winston as we are sure someone who needs his talents and nurturing the most will find him. He is in training at this time and will be ready to leave us in June 2019. He is by far the most beloved here at Faithful Friends Therapy Ranch. This guy is awesome!        


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His name is Pistol for a reason!

This is a registered miniature horse that is 3.5 months old. Tiny tiny tiny. Not ready to leave Mom yet but we are taking reservations on him. He thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread as you can see by his stance. Cannon bone 6' at one week old. Should mature to around 26' to 29' ( I anticipate more on the smaller side ) But they do grow up until 2 years of age.

 He stands like this a lot to show you who the King of the Ranch is going to be!

 We think he is showing us his champion blood line. He is in training and will be certified as a Therapy Horse. Pistol has been handled from birth and if you sit on the ground he flops in your lap!  This tiny charmer has blue eyes and a very unique color combo. Sweet and full of fun. His training will continue until he is ready to be certified. He will be ready to go with Diploma in hand in 3.5 months ( 7 months old) We are looking at a mid July sale date.  Dont miss out on this unique little character.


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to  Dr  Pearson  of  Pearson  Animal  Hospital in San Marcos Calif.

This little mare came to us with such a beautiful disposition that we couldnt wait for our training to begin with her. We were excited to form her into a Therapy Horse.

 BUT, Dr. Pearson decided she was in love and away they went. I could not ask for a better home for little Onion. 

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This is Zorro.  Oh my!

YES this is ZORRO! A horse with this kind of conformation comes around very rarely, while coupled with Therapy Horse Certification, Registration in the AMHR and last but certainly not least is his temperament. This boy is one of the sweetest horses you will encounter anywhere. At 4 he is at max height of 28' and an extremely petite frame with fine bones and bred for the look of an Arabian. And that he does. Zorro is a stunning horse to look at with his jet black coat and long mane and tail. When we go on walks we don't even use a lead rope. He follows you anywhere. He is a happy and healthy horse really looking for his person to love and work with. He will steal your heart! This horse has it all to offer and is new to the market. 


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Meet Picasso. Double registered Pinto Appaloosa with ice blue eyes.

They don't come more beautiful than this fella. A rare double registered Pinto Appaloosa with dreamy ice blue eyes and black eye liner. Registered with the AMHA as Ricky Ricardo, but we call him 'Picasso'

Picasso is so beautiful he takes your breath away every time you look his way. He's just a down to earth guy that thinks he's a chihuahua. He just loves people and follows you every where you go. He doesn't have much interest in anything but being with people and hangin out. He stands at 32' and is gelded. He is 3 years old so he is at his height. Picasso jumps right into my Honda Element and away we go to the hospitals, shopping or even to home depo. Truly a horse you can go anywhere with. So easy to keep him happy. Therapy Certified and ready to work.


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Meet Little Butch, a 2 year old gorgeous black gelding. 

Registration name with AMHR is Bonsall Baby Face Buckaroo

Butch is two years old and is very petite in bone structure and size, stands at 29'. 

He is very gentle and somewhat subservient to the other horses. Not the boss by any means. His greatest strengths are sweetness, patience and gentleness along with a great mind for problem solving. Butch is a Certified Therapy Horse that climbs stairs both ways. Elevator? No problem, he's an old pro at two yrs old. Butch has just come on the market with Certification in hand and is the epitome of the perfect Miniature Therapy Horse for anyone wanting to start their own practice.  Cant find a fault with this little black beauty!     $6200

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Yup! The First Certified Therapy Donkey

This is Daisy, and she is a breath of fresh air!

Daisy is a 12 month old mini donkey that is a double registered paint tobiano. She stands at 30' and is ( please don't tell the horses) without a doubt one of the best Therapy Equine I've ever trained. She also has that wonderful cross on her back.

I never knew donkeys were so loving. She wraps herself around you and won't let you go. She could just sit with you all day and chat about stuff. This little mini donkey graduated faster than any of the horses and has the heart of a lion. Everyone who meets Daisy falls immediately in love with this beautiful little Therapy Donkey! You will too...


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SOLD to Tatianna in Del Mar

Cash Or THUG as we like to call him!

This short 27' little guy really stole my heart. He was bottle fed as a youngster and is the most loving horse because of it. Smart as a whip and so willing to please. Gentle, kind, considerate, wise and patient. What more do you want!  Thuggy has stunning blue eyes with his Perlino bloodline and looks a little like a tough guy, but it's all on the outside because inside he is as gentle as a lamb. Little Thug has his AMHA papers and is a Certified Therapy horse. We are going to teach him to drive the cart and maybe be the get away when we rob a bank cause this guy likes to eat! ( and even then it's only a 1/3 of a flake a He never gets too fat though because he also loves to run around. Thug is a very special little dude and anyone who takes him home will love him forever! He is a keeper for life, like all horses should be! He stand at a very small 27'. 

If you don't want to buy a horse, then you better not meet The Thugster. He is irresistible.



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The Enchanted Forest has its Enchanted Mini

Enchanted is a rare tobiano paint with Aquamarine eyes. He almost looks fake he is so toy like. Tiny and shy, he is a very quiet and serene little stallion. He is under 2 years old and is truly one of the most beautiful horses at the ranch. He stands at 28' and will grow a little more but should stay under 31'

Enchanted comes from a long line of champions and is being registered with the AMHA. He is a Certified Therapy horse that is ready to brave the big world out there. He will make a Big Bang were ever he goes. He is truly stunning!


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March 2019

Ryder is a 3 yr oldTiny 27 inch gelded Miniature Therapy Horse for sale

Ryder is really a mellow and sweet little boy. Extremely calm. You can lead him anywhere. Stands well and loves  people.

Ryder stands at a tiny 27' inches and is three years old. He is full grown and has his Registration papers as he is a very highly bred Perlino with kind, expressive and soulful blue eyes.

He is a flashy fella that stands out in the crowd. He also has his Miniature Horse Therapy Certification Certificate and is allowed in all facilities that allow therapy animals. He is even allowed on some airlines up top. Always a favorite with the Alzheimers patients, we can trust Ryder never to bite or kick.

We Love this little guy a lot!  Ryder is new to the market.                                          

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 to the owners of the World Famous Eisnstien 

the mini stallion...I'm sure little Peanut's name will soon  be in lights!

Pierre aka Peanut is a 13 month old 27 inch non-gelded Therapy Horse for sale

Peanut is a very small boned petite little horse that is very quiet and always the low man on the totem pole.  Extremely docile and looking for his place in life. You can't go wrong with this little horse as he is very low maintenance and gets along well with all other horses goats and dogs.  Looking for his forever home so he can get to work at his favorite place , the Alzheimers Units. And they love him!  Peanut should mature to under 29' and will stay very petite in build. He has a grey beret on his head with the most beautiful piercing ice blue eyes. He is truly one of the most beautiful Therapy horses available. Peanut is new to the market. 


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Little Jimmy Two Shoes sold  to Heidi

Little Jimmy Two Shoes stands at 27' full grown at 2.5 years old. He is a pure white stallion with ice blue eyes and a long white mane and tail. He is so tiny in stature and bone structure you can just pick him up and put him in the car. Little Jimmy is a heart breaker and all the girls love him. He has his Therapy Certification and is not registered. He will not last long.


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to A Pastor for her Ministry , what a wonderful life!

This is Blueberry. A gorgeous blue roan mini mare that drives a cart to  perfection. She is also registered and the kids love riding her. She has her Therapy Certification and is extraordinarily gentle. Not to mention one of the most beautiful blue roans I have ever seen. She stands 30 inches high and has a stocky build for riding and driving. Trained to perfection.

This girl is a keeper!

Our Therapy Horses sell quickly. We are updating our photos and info. Thank you for your patience .

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What other name would she have other than Princess!

A gorgeous mare that is 33' tall and has her Therapy Certification. She rides and loves loves loves children. Very gentle to all people, BUT she is the alpha mare for sure. Even the stallions get out of her way. Princess is a mini that just touches your heart and you just can't explain it. She is a gift from above and we all love her very much! xoxo

Our Therapy Horses sell quickly. We are updating our photos and info. Thank you for your patience .

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Blue Moon ...we call him Luni

This teenie tiny guy came to us from a kill shelter in the midwest. He was scrawny and sick. Not to mentioned terrified of his own shadow. He is definitely the low man on the totem pole. We have come to find out he has a royal blood line, just thrown away because he wasn't wanted anymore. Luni has flourished here at Faithful Friends Ranch and is an excellent student that has passed his courses with flying colors

 ( to match those unbelievable blue eyes).

His confidence has grown and so has his love for people. Such a forgiving soul with a zest for life now. Luni is a Certified Therapy horse and loves people. He is very gentle and quiet. He is not gelded yet, but we are getting close. 

What a winner he is. Rags to riches for sure!


The biggest complaint I hear from people when buying a mini horse for therapy is that the horses height matured at a much taller number than was anticipated when originally bought. If you are buying a mini horse under 2 years old, the horse will grow! Many Therapy horses are being sold as babies from 6 months to 1 ye​ar. Their height could go from 15 inches when born to 33 inches or more in two years. Baby horses will grow substantially until 2 years old.

Our horses sell fast, so come and visit. 

We ship through out USA and Canada

( we do not ship to Mexico)

All horses are up to date with worming, 

shots and farrier work.

All sales are final.

Under certain circumstances we will trade within the herd.



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"Thanks for visiting. I'd love to do some therapy on you 

but it's pumpkin pie time. See you around!"


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Come for a two hour party

Have a great lunch provided by our in house cook. 

Play with the minis and then receive lessons on horse communication for the youngsters! A great way to spend a morning or afternoon.

$100 per child includes lunch and miniature horse riding. 

Please call Faith to make an appointment. We have all ages of therapy and pet horses. 

Some drive and ride and others that do absolutely nothing but look cute and cuddely!

This is a one of a kind experience. Bring the kids and watch their eyes light up at the sight of a miniature horse! Priceless! Special needs welcome! 

Call me at 619 735 8872 or text your inquiries.

 Thank you.

We visit hospitals throughout the San Diego County

Call us and we will come and visit you! Faithful Friends Miniature Therapy Horses. 619-735-8872

Call Faith to talk about animal certification 619-735-88762