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 Our Certified Mini Therapy

Horses are the Nations Finest...As seen on FOX NEWS ​and around the country!

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Our mini therapy horses are not just a hobby. They take their work very seriously as they are the first to become a ground breaking group of minis with enquiries from working 

Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists we are excited to take the next step as we

We have now begun to sell our exceptionally trained and certified therapy horses for work in the professional home and or office for

 children services, speech pathology and psychology etc.

We are serious about the talents that these horses bring to the office, home or backyard barn healing rooms.

And now we are able to forge forward into the field

of ES and Services animals.

We will always be working to provide the best of the best in 

Therapy Certified Miniature horses, so look to us for the future of

Therapy,Emotional Support and Service Minis

throughout this great land! It is their time! And we are ready, are you?

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Mini Horse Therapy

We have top bred horses some from World Champions and others we save  from slaughter from all over the country, ship them here, fatten them up with lots of love and kisses and then train them to become therapy horses throughout the San Diego County Hospitals as seen on Fox News. We are well known throughout the San Diego hospitals and have a great reputation.  We would be glad to make an appointment for you to come and meet some of the fabulous Therapy horses ready to go to their new home. Schooling available for the novice that wants to get into the Therapy Horse 619-735-8872 for more info.


Therapy Certification

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Interested in becoming a Therapy Horse Trainer or owner? This is the place. Alzheimer's Units, Child Care Centers, Special Needs...Private Practice etc...these creatures are made in Heaven and we experience miracles everyday. Come join us

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Saving Animals

We hear of all kinds of animals that are in bad situations and we try to help rehome them. So if you are just looking for a pet,  therapy trained mini,  or a child friendly  we can help. 

Bite free, kick fee and always sweet as can be. Training done with love and patients.

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10 Points for Picking A Mini Therapy Horse

    7 POINTS


The biggest complaint I hear from people when buying a mini horse for therapy is that the horses height matured at a much taller number than was anticipated when originally bought. If you are buying a mini horse under 2 years old, the horse will grow! 

Many Therapy horses are being sold as babies from 6 months to 1 ye​ar. Their height could go from 15 inches to 33 inches or more in two years. Baby horses will grow substantially .

Top quality certified mini therapy horses forum Faithful Friends can find one that fits your budget and enjoy a fulfilling job with these little miracle workers.

The smaller they are the more they cost. But anything under 32' is very small and allowed in the facilities. Sometimes micro small come with health problems, so don't let the trends dominate our pocket book.

Our motto here at Faithful Friends is

‘Welcome to Mini Heaven, where Joy is instant!’

What you need to look for.

1-Conformation: Straight legs. Good bite. Excellent body proportion.

2 - Temperament: All around gentle personality. No bite. No kick. Loves people. Loves children. Courageous.

3-Size: Certified Therapy horses come in all sizes, from big thoroughbreds to miniature horses. In this requirements list we will deal with miniature therapy horses only. The height for miniature horses to enter a hospital are varied. The largest being 32 inches and under. The rule of thumb is if they can fit into the elevator they can become a therapy horse.

4-Health: UTD meaning up to date on shots. Worming. Foot care. Teeth floating. Coat care. Gelding stallions. Sometimes stallions can perform well but it is recommended to geld a colt as he is always a little tougher to handle in general but there is always the exception to the rule. A well exercised miniature horse is alway what we strive for to keep his mind sharp and his body healthy. Kind of like us!

5-Basic Obedience Training: Ground manners. No spook to loud noises or sudden movements. No bite. No kick. Compatibility with other animals.

6- Therapy Training Certification: Within the Therapy Training Certification 

pamphlet, we have extreme requirements that are laid out. It is a mandatory training guide that is necessary for graduation of a miniature horse into the field of Hospital Therapy. 

7- Attitude: The attitude of the working therapy horse must be a positive experience for all. Especially the horse itself.

 A horse that enjoys the work welcomes the day.

Book a mini therapy horse today for your event. They love parties!

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