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Come for a two hour party

Have a great lunch provided by our in house cook. 

Ride the minis and then receive lessons on horse communication for the youngsters! A great way to spend a morning or afternoon.

$100 per child includes lunch and miniature horse riding. Parties are welcome.

Please call Faith to make an appointment. We have all ages of therapy and pet horses. 

Some drive and ride and others that do absolutely nothing but look cute and cuddle!

This is a one of a kind experience. Bring the kids and watch their eyes light up at the sight of a miniature horse! Priceless! Special needs welcome! We have an onsite counselor.

Call me at 619 735 8872 or text your inquiries. Thank you.

We visit hospitals throughout the San Diego County

Call us and we will come and visit you! Faithful Friends Miniature Therapy Horses. 619-735-8872

Call Faith to talk about animal certification 619-735-88762